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Sterling Silver Hammered Bangle

Sterling Silver Hammered Bangle

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Create a stack of these beauties to wear everyday doing all the things. Very durable and ready for adventure. 

ready to ship within 24 hours 

Sizes come in a x-small-large. These bangles are meant to stay on through all activities, you want them hard to get on so they do not slide off. 

A way is to measure is to wrap your hand tight with a string and then measure your sting. You really need two people for this so you can get it very tight. I did it solo and measured over an inch larger than my normal size. Next, mark your string and measure it. 

size 6.5-7 is extra small

size 7-7.25 inch is a SMALL 

Size 7.25-7.5 inch is a MEDIUM

Size 7.50-8 inch+ is a LARGE

If you have any more questions feel free to message me. If you are ordering in solid gold, I will send you an actual sizing kit. 





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