How this all started

I have always known I wanted to create with metal. I feel bare without accessories and knew that my hands wanted to create them. I have been a massage therapist for 20 years and while I have loved it and cherished the time deeply, I was ready for a bit of a change. 

I bought the Van Crafted Studios online learning class. My 8 year old daughter and I sat down with the recommended tools and began to learn. We both loved it and couldn't stop making all weekend. It has been uphill from there. 

I am lost and found in this art. It has been one year since I started and there are many sleepless nights because all I want to do is be in the studio. There is never enough time to make what is in my brain. I love it. 

I am honored that you are here and interested in my work. Please share where it travels with you, what it goes through with you and hopefully how it makes you feel beautiful. I pour my heart into every piece. To be honest, if I don't, they just don't turn out. So rad how that works.